Unique Coffee and tasting experiences

Who doesn’t enjoy an espresso or a cappuccino?

Words which have always aroused image of Style, Passion, Research and Italian elegance, synonymous of PITTI CAFFÈ. It takes just a push of a button to make the perfect cup of PITTI CAFFÈ coffee. But the story behind each cup reveals a far longer journey. A journey that speaks of the passion and expertise that goes into the entire process of creating the highest quality coffee.

At PITTI CAFFÈ we continually challenge ourselves in order to delight our consumers with new coffee experiences. Our experts have composed a wide range of green coffees. Each offers distinct aromas and flavors that cater to individual preferences. Our green beans, originated from Africa (Togo and Ethiopia), Asia (India and Java) and Central and South America (Brazil, Peru, Mexico, Panama and Colombia), allow our experts to create a coffee range which includes 5 different blends for the HO.RE.CA and RETAIL sector.

Our passionate and skilled experts select, blend and roast our coffee with great attention in our production centers in Milan-Italy. Hermetically sealed in 1 Kg bag, 50/60/80 and 100g. sachets for filter coffee, 250g. or 3 Kg metal tin all with aroma valve. Our blends preserve their taste and aroma, delivering a unique sensorial experience, cup after cup.