PITTI CAFFÈ has revolutionized the way people worldwide prepare their coffee with a range of smartly-designed and convenient machines. With the original PITTI CAFFÈ capsule and machine, anyone can make the perfect coffee, cappuccino, and tea, cup after cup just as a skilled barista. Behind the PITTI CAFFÈ brand is a story rooted in the company’s heritage of the highest quality coffees, innovative products, and personalized services. In our history, we have continued to make progress in our commitment to sustaining the environment. Together with our partners, we have developed a certified capsule, that decomposes in 24 months. This project allows us to maintain our renowned and appreciated the coffee and tea blends to the same quality standard as those obtained using traditional plastic materials, whilst sustaining the environment.

Our road map for sustainable growth:
Creating the highest quality coffees for our consumers around the world

Our perfect coffees are selected from the top of the world’s green coffee production. Our experts especially roast and blend these coffees to create the widest selection of Coffee Blend varieties to suit every taste. Our passion for perfection is truly reflected in our unsurpassed coffee quality.
Creating long-lasting business relationships

One of the most valuable aspects of the PITTI CAFFÈ brand is the relationship that we have with our partners around the world. Every day we cultivate direct and personal relationships with our partners, allowing us to continually anticipate expectations and evolve to meet them.
Creating sustainable business growth

PITTI CAFFÈ takes a long-term, holistic approach to sustainability. We are committed to ensure sustainability across all operations, from coffee sourcing “Fair Trade” to capsule “Certify Biodegradable in 24 Months”, setting clear targets and seeking to create shared value for the business and for society. Our program provides a framework for partnerships and innovation to drive on-going, sustainable development. For us, is our way of doing business.
Continuos investment in research and technology

At the heart of the PITTI CAFFÈ system is the unique interaction between our coffee capsules and our machines. Integrating advanced technology and function, PITTI CAFFÈ machines manage the exact balance between water temperature, pressure, quantity and speed.

They are specifically designed to enhance the aroma, crema and flavour of our coffees, creating the perfect cup every time. Elegant, innovative design combined with forward-thinking technology: PITTI CAFFÈ coffee machines are a natural fit for your company. Our full range of coffee machines includes 9 models designed and manufactured in collaboration with our partners. Since the launch of our first machine in 2008, PITTI CAFFÈ R&D experts have raised the standard of machine innovation, enhancing performance and offering convenience to consumers. Today, we offer a range of machines based on revolutionary designs that allow our consumers to personalize their coffee experiences. During 2011 PITTI CAFFÈ has invested heavily in coffee machines research and production.

Will continue to invest in research and technology in order to remain avant-garde in these times of continual growth and progress. We at PITTI CAFFÈ believe that the key to success is in striving to remain cutting-edge whilst maintaining the highest level of quality products for which we are renowned.