From pioneers to renowned producers of premium Coffee

The PITTI CAFFÈ story began in 2005 with a simple idea: to give everyone the coffee they desire while respecting the environment and those that inhabit it.

Our singular focus is on delivering the highest quality coffees and ultimate coffee experiences to our consumers' cup after cup. We compete in both the business-to-consumer and business-to-business segments, allowing consumers to enjoy our highest quality coffees at home or at work and to recreate these perfect coffee moments wherever they may be.
Our History

PITTI CAFFÈ success story is marked by important milestones in the development of the brand. They reflect the MOKAEFTI continuous quest for innovation and pursuit of excellence to delight consumers with ultimate coffee experiences.


MOKAEFTI underwent a radical change from a bankrupt German company it took on a new life under the ownership of an Italian entrepreneur, since then it has continued to go from strength to strength.


Due to continual expansion MOKAEFTI opened a second factory in Switzerland.


MOKAEFTI acquired a larger factory to accommodate its fastgrowing expansion.


PITTI CAFFÈ was launched. Since then people from more than 30 Countries around the world enjoy PITTI coffee.


First capsule/pod machine was launched. The Freedom series.


PITTI CAFFÈ became a member of the Fair Trade organization.


PITTI CAFFÈ launched a revolutionary capsule biodegradable in 24 months. Certified by a British Institute.


The second Freedom was developed and launch.


A new range of coffee machines was launched. Small, sleek and refined the ideal solution to the growing demand for home, hotel and small business.