Coffee Machine Rental Titanium Package

Coffee Machine Rental Titanium Package
Package includes:
  • Free Servicing
  • Option of Coffee Machine Rental or Purchase
  • Free Rental on Min. Order of Supplies
  • Installation & Training Provided

Choose Between

HLF 3600 is a fully automated beans-to-cup coffee machine with 12 programmable coffee drinks for your ultimate enjoyment. Fully engineered by Italians, you are basically getting a café the size of the machine.

• Espresso, Americano, Long Black, Cappuccino, Caffe Latte, Flat White, Hot Froth Milk, Mocha, Hot Chocolate, Hot Chocolate with Milk, Espresso Chocolate
• 412W x 452D x 480H (mm)
• 35kg

Fully automated barista-styled coffee machine, HLF 3700 is engineered with an intuitive touch screen layout that is instinctual in both beverage choices and settings operation.

The fully automated coffee machine is well equipped with a milk system that delivers milk foam at perfect consistency for both hot and cold drinks, including a new integrated cleaning system to ensure reliability in the quality of milk and foam with maximum hygiene for maximum satisfaction. Milk based coffee drinks have never tasted any better than this.

• Dimensions: 409 x 550 x 620H (in mm) – 409 x 485 x 885H (in mm, with bean hopper)
• Power: 220 – 240V; 2.3 kW
• No. of bean hopper: Max. 2
• No. of powder canisters: 2
• Drip tray: 1.3L
• Grounds drawer: 40 pucks

Pitti Veloce  - Hot Beverage Vending Machine Pitti Veloce is a hot beverage machine with 8 programmable drinks option. This is a European inspired hot beverage solution with strong Asian influence. It is speedy, low maintenance and fuss-free for ultimate enjoyment.

• Fully automated beverage dispense
• One touch dispense
• 4 programmable drink selections
• 3 canisters, 1600g each
• Total water tank capacity: 5.9L
        ◎ Hot water tank (Internal): 2.7
        ◎ Room temperature water tank (Internal): 1.6L
• Water supply channels
        ◎ Inner water tank: 4.3L
        ◎ Purified water tank on top: 18.9L
        ◎ Water inlet
• 16kg
• 320W x 450D x 660H (in mm)

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