HomePRO Coffee Machine (Fully Automatic)


Main Functions in Panel:
  • Espresso
  • Long coffee
  • hot water
  • Cappuccino/Latte
  • Adjustable coffee taste
  • Descaling function
  • Coffee Powder brewing function
  • Self-clean
  • Cup warming plate
  • Language selection
  • coffee powder brewing
  • Water Shortage Warming
  • Adjustable coffee taste
  • coffee temperature adjust

Product Advantage
  • Easy programming and full touch colorful visual screen
  • Patented milk foam perfection system
  • Perfect coffee temperature starting with the very first cup
  • Patented, removable brewing unit (volume: 7 - 12g)
  • Automatic  programs  for cleaning, rinsing and descaling
  • Milk system cleaning program, removable milk frother
  • Height adjustable coffee-milk spout:80---140mm
  • Multilingual High-Contrast Full Graphic Display: 4 languages
  • Grinder with high-grade grinding disks and adjustable grinding degrees
  • High efficiency Italy pump, max.19 bar pressure
  • Volume bean container: 250g (can be extention)

Basic configuration

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