Event Coffee Machine Rental Premium Package A @ RM850.00/Day

Up to 300 cups of beverage a day at RM850.00/day, this package includes:
  • 1 HLF 3600 Italian design beans to cup machine; fully automated serving up to 12 different café standard drinks
  • 1kg of Pitti Nero / Pitti Black & White / Pitti Essential Italy coffee beans
  • 1 x 750g of premium powdered latte milk powder
  • 1kg Italy brand hot chocolate powder
  • Supplies (300 cups, 3 pack stirrers, 3 pack sugar)
  • include delivery , set up & installation ( within kalng valley )
  • outstation addtional charge is require
Drink types: Espresso*, Americano*, Long Black*, Cappuccino*, Caffe Latte*, Double Latte*, Flat White*, Mochacino*, Hot Chocolate*, Hot Chocolate with Milk*, Hot Froth Milk*

Additional costs will be applied for fresh milk options for milk fridge and/or fresh milk.

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